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The Great Wall Stapler Factory takes staplers as its leading products. The factory is located in Luqiao District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, with convenient transportation in land, sea and air.

The factory was founded in 1991, originated from more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, specializes in the production brands of "DIAO" and "TACKERS" staplers, punches,staple removers and other office stationery products. With exquisite appearance, various styles, novel structures, and stable quality, our products have been exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, South America, Japan, and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. The factory has a strong technical force, with a special design department and mold development team. It adheres to humanized design in the process of product development, conforms to the latest international industrial product trends, maintains the novelty and uniqueness of products, In the production of a large number of new equipment, new technology, the selection of high-quality raw materials, strict quality control, in the same kind of products to maintain a cost-effectiveness product, as far as possible to provide customers with reasonable priced and high-quality office stationery products.

The company adheres to the enterprise tenet of humanistic environmental protection, communication and cooperation, innovation and development. With mature technology, advanced production technology and equipment, high quality products and services, the company realizes the effective and sustainable development of the enterprise. The factory will always take "carving brand stationery, meticulous" as its purpose, constantly improve the customer satisfaction and integrity of the "DIAO", "TACKERS" brand products.

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Great Wall Chronicle

For the Great Wall people, the name "the Great Wall" as a great historical heritage is of great significance. Since the establishment of the Great Wall, it has become a symbol of the great unity of the Chinese nation, a symbol of will, courage and strength, symbolizing the great will and strength of the Chinese nation. The Great Wall people are hard-working, intelligent, indomitable, the city, indestructible for the spirit of will.

At the same time, we insist on creativity, create new concepts, new theories, update technology, invent new equipment, new methods, create new products.

  • 1991Age of Entrepreneurship

    In 1991, the Great Wall leaders found a stapler factory in Luqiao District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. The production of the first-generation stapler was carried out by simple manual mold, manual metal processing, cumbersome manual assembly.

  • 1995Business Expansion

    The establishment of branding, the implementation of formal enterprise management, the continuous expansion of metal products and injection molding product lines, the continuous growth of commodities from several types to hundreds, from a single stapler manufacturing to staple, punches, staple remover, staplers, nail guns and other binding products of the entire category of manufacturing.

  • 2003New Factory

    When the new the Great Wall factory was completed and put into production, the new factory more comprehensively implemented the management system of modern enterprises, set up a reasonable and efficient production line, and stricter quality control management, so that the factory staff got a good production environment. It also improves the living environment of employees in the factory. Moreover, it has enhanced customer's confidence in the products of the Great Wall, and laid a solid foundation for the development of the factory.

  • 2018-The FutureThe Present and the Future

    The Great Wall has implemented corporate management changes since 2017. The product structure is optimized, customer service upgraded and put on the agenda, customer service system are established, and customer order online inquiry systems allow guests to know the progress of orders and product status at any time, creating a dynamic opportunity in this continuously ever-changing area. At the same time, more comprehensive expansion of stationery products lines, injection molding product line, new manufacturing injection molding factory planning and design schedule, for new business, new brands and rapid growth of the market, to take a powerful first step toward the future.