Employment concept

Develop Yourself, Have the Same World

Moral,professional,pursuing excellence.

Honest and pragmatic, team work, passionate and grateful.

Personnel Training

Build Great Wall Brand Image with "Four Goods"

Establish and improve the talent training mechanism of the company, through the formulation of effective personnel training and development plans, rationally digging, development and training of strategic talent team, recommend talented team, provide capital support for the sustainable development of the company.

Through the training of motivated, willing to learn, and proactive employees, it has gradually become the backbone of enterprise technology and the backbone of the business.

  • 01.

    Is the cornerstone of the brand

  • 02.

    Is the carrier of the brand

  • 03.

    Is the product quality that allows customers and society to agree

  • 04.

    Is a cultural form that affects people’s lives.