Great Wall provides customers with high-quality OEM services.
The "customer is God" service concept is the eternal goal of the Great Wall stapler.
The services we advocate are not only embodied in excellent product quality, but also reflected in the unremitting support to customer after-sales management and market operations.
All company products can be included in the scope of OEM services.
OEM products mainly include: stapler, puncher, orderer, office storage supplies, etc. Processing services, please contact us for details.

The company's OEM process:

  • 01.

    OEM Service issues

    The company's OEMs strictly adhere to the following procedures for new customers or new products, as follows:
    Before processing 1. New product design/development; 2. Sample delivery management; 3. Customer service management; 4. Product engineering specification changes;
    During processing 1. Product model validation; 2. Product production; 3. Testing; 4. Customer acceptance; 5. Delivery control process; 6. Distribution.

  • 02.


    1. Product supply
    2. Product Design/Development
    3. Semi-finished products processing and finished products processing
    4. Consulting of raw materials, solutions, packaging, manufacturing technology, etc.
    5. Inspection of semi-finished products, finished products, acceptance of packages

  • 03.

    Product processing features

    1. Practicality
    2. High efficiency
    3. High quality

We have established a production-oriented, technology-centered service system that will help customers save time to market and at the same time eliminate the need for customers to worry about product quality, organizational production, and process research.

Have any questions contact our staff:
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