Quality Control

  • Quality management

    The Great Wall sets up quality inspection department, responsible for the quality management of the products, including the formulation, revision of relevant technical documents, and guide the implementation. Carry on the quality control of the factory, solve and track the quality problem of the product. Ensure the qualified rate of the product.

  • Quality Control Procedures

    For the raw materials we also have strict quality control procedures. All the raw materials will be tested according to the national standard. High quality, stable raw and auxiliary materials are the fundamental guarantee for the continuous production of high-quality products.

  • Product Standards and Process Technology Standards

    Unified product standards and technical standards. Our company has developed a strict production technology, in the production process, by the quality inspection personnel to carry out rigorous inspection, and for each series of products to formulate different process formulation, product standards, packaging standards and other process technical indicators.

  • Quality Management and System Certification

    Through persistent quality management and system certification, the enterprise management has been standardized, the product quality has been stabilized, and the market share has been expanded.