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I wish the company's vast number of cadres and wor

Dear company, the vast majority of cadres and workers, family members:

How are you!

The plum blossoms in spring and the firecrackers celebrate the New Year. On the occasion of the New Year, on behalf of the leadership team of the company, I would like to extend my highest respect to all employees who have worked hard and worked hard in the past year, and I wish you good health in the upcoming new year. All the best, happy family!

After reviewing the past year, we have achieved remarkable results after the joint efforts of our employees. The successful completion of the factory expansion project, the successful implementation of the enterprise electronic information platform management system, and major breakthroughs in product development, etc., these achievements can not be separated from the cadres and staff working hard, hard work, and solid work results. Of course, in the past year, we have had disappointments and we have failed, but we have all come because we have strong perseverance and unyielding spirit! As long as we have such a spirit, we will keep moving forward!

The spring breeze is about to knock the auspicious bells, and we will set a new hope in the resonance moment of the same frequency. The new year has heavy tasks and a bright future. Let us continue to carry forward the good traditions and styles of the past, be modest and prudent, guard against arrogance and rashness, and work under the new goals and new tasks. Create a better future.

I wish the company's vast number of cadres and workers every family happiness, everyone well-being, everything Shunda, auspicious Year of the Tiger!


Chairman: Wang Baofu